Churning Tutorial

Before we start, make sure you have $MILKY tokens that you can lock. You can obtain $MILKY by swapping or farming.
For more information on swapping, visit our trading tutorial.
For more information on farming for $MILKY, visit our farming tutorial
The process of locking your $MILKY tokens is simple. Just follow these easy steps!
  1. 1.
    If you have successfully farmed $MILKY, the next step is go to the Churn page. This will take you to our locking mechanism.
2. You will see an option to add a locking time and amount. Add the amount of $MILKY tokens you wish to lock and the period of time you wish to lock them for. Remember, the amount of CREAMY you receive is tied to the length of time you lock your $MILKY tokens. 1 locked $MILKY is equal to 1 CREAMY
3. Click "Increase Churning MILKY" to finish the process of locking your MILKY tokens. Follow the prompts and pay the associated gas fees.
4. After following through the prompts, you will see your $CREAMY balance and the amount of MILKY you can still lock.