Quick Facts:

  • Total Supply: 80,000,000 $MILKY.

  • 60% of the supply is community owned.

  • $MILKY our native token, can be earned by staking into one of our farms.

  • $CREAMY enables boosted farming to get more $MILKY from your farm.

Token Allocation


50% of our supply will be allocated for farming on MilkySwap. As a community-led DEX, we wanted to ensure that farming has a significant portion of the allocation.


4.5% will be allocated towards our DAO. After all, it will be the DAO that will be steering the ship for MilkySwap.


We have allocated 20% for our investors. These tokens will be subject to a 6-month lock and 18-month linear vest schedule.

Team & Strategic Partners

We have set aside 20% for our team members. These tokens are also locked for 6-months, and then vested linearly over 18 months.


As you have seen with our recent airdrops, we have been open to rewarding our early community members. We have 5.5% set aside to allow for airdrop events.

Emission Schedule

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