Churning For CREAMY

MilkySwap adopts a CurveDAO's veCRV locking system which allows you to lock your MILKY tokens for a fixed period of time. This locking mechanism allows you to lock your MILKY tokens (through a veCRV ERC20 smart contract) in exchange for our governance token, CREAMY. To receive CREAMY, you must churn (lock) your MILKY for a certain period of time (between 1 week and 4 years). The longer you churn, the more CREAMY you get. 1 MILKY left to churn for 4 years is equal to one CREAMY. Over time, your CREAMY balance will decrease according to the length of the remaining lock.

Holding CREAMY will allow you to vote on our DAO, collect .05% of the protocol fees, and boost your farms.

Just a reminder: CREAMY is a non-tradeable governance token

For a tutorial on obtaining CREAMY, go over to Churning Tutorial for step-by-step instructions

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